Wooden sculpture being treated
for infestation

Wood worms, beetles, and termites are just a few bugs you may find in your antique. Wood, paper, and cloth are all susceptible to insect infestation. If you have found that your book, paper document, print, sculpture, or piece of furniture has an insect infestation we can help you. We use a non-invasive treatment that will rid your object(s) of all live insects, larva, and eggs. We do not use insecticides which can stain and leave an odor. We do not use heat or cold that can cause damaging expansion and contraction. We simple encase the object(s) in an oxygen free atmosphere for an extended period of time. Without oxygen any infestation, including eggs and larva, will parish. Ponsford offers this state of the art service for a very reasonable price. Please contact us for a price quote on a
de-infestion for your valued object.

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