One of our projects was the conservation of artifacts, recovered from the RMS Titanic. While conserving the RMS Titanic artifacts, we had the pleasure of working with the Smithsonian Institute for the analysis of organic materials found in and around the artifacts.

Presently, our recent accomplishments are on display at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry and the Baltimore Museum of Science. Our professional team led by Gordon Ponsford, has developed our own state of the art desalinization lab.

We are capable of maintaining the process of marine conservation from the moment the artifacts leave the ocean. The processes include on-site assessment of recovered artifacts, desalinization, and stabilization.

Furthermore, we are available to curate collections once they leave our conservation labs. This "start to finish" approach means that our clients can be certain that all aspects of the conservation are carried out with dedication, professionalism, and a strict adherence to true conservation methods.

The abundance of marine artifacts ensures that there will always be a need and a desire to recover, preserve, study, and display these historical treasures. Our first class approach to marine conservation makes us the best choice for restoring any maritime archeological objects, at any location, as well as maintaining collections of artifacts.

Our motto: "Restoring the past for the future" clarifies our determination to preserve historical integrity for posterity.

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