Gordon Ponsford -
Sculpture Conservator

The primary concern is that both indoor and outdoor sculpture is protected. Our experienced conservators, well versed in historic and contemporary materials and techniques, thoroughly inspect the piece.

A written estimate is provided outlining the repair and conservation work needed to restore it, as well as what is required to protect the piece from future wear or damage.

After the sculpture has been conserved, a maintenance program should be established. We provide conservation maintenance in order to retain value. Unfortunately, most people do not realize what a devastating toll environmental conditions, vandalism, toxic pollution and neglect can take on a sculpture. Therefore, all sculpture should have a continuing maintenance program in order to preserve the original beauty and finish.

The maintenance program should include thorough records explaining what materials have been applied to the sculpture and when they were applied.

A reputable conservator should be able to advise you of maintenance procedures and provide you with the proper records.

Our knowledge and experience enables us to provide expert and
cost-effective restoration services regardless of the size or location of
a project. We will advise a client an how to retain beauty and value,
and how to develop a complete sculpture conservation program.

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